Shared custody. Family home owned by the father. Temporary attribution of use to mother and daughters

09 Oct, 2017.- Given the legal vacuum regarding the attribution of the family home in cases of shared custody, the second paragraph of art. 96 CC, which regulates the case in which there are several children, some are in the custody of one parent and others in the custody of another, should be applied analogically, referring to the judge to decide what is appropriate.

See recent STS 3323/201

ROJ: STS 3323/2017 – ECLI:EN:TS:2017:3323
No. of Resolution: 513/2017 Type of Body: Supreme Court. Civil Chamber Municipality: Madrid Speaker: FRANCISCO JAVIER ARROYO FIESTAS Appeal No.: 1886/2016 Date: 22/09/2017 Type of decision: Sentencia


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