Pension for economic imbalance. Undefined nature. Conditions to be taken into account in establishing a time limit

16 Oct, 2017.- It reiterates what was stated in the judgment of October 24, 2013 (Rec. 2159/2012), and that of September 8, 2015 (Rec. 2591/2013), among others, that the transformation of the pension established with indefinite character in temporary may be given by the suitability or aptitude to overcome the economic imbalance, and, thus reaching the conviction that it is not necessary to extend beyond its perception by the certainty that it will be feasible to overcome this imbalance.

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Roj STS 3379-2017 – ECLI ES TS 2017 3379




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Husband who makes contributions to a pension plan during his marriage subject to the community property regime: The wife has the right to claim the contributions made during the term of the marriage for the common partnership, notwithstanding the privative nature of the fund itself.

Based on art. 1,361 CC, which presumes that all the assets existing in the marriage have a community property character until proven otherwise, the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court, in its judgment no. 618/2022, dated September 21, 2022, resolved in cassation, recognizing the origin of an asset item consisting of a credit in favor of the community property and against the husband, for the amounts contributed to his pension plan during the validity of the community property regime.
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Floor Clause

Royal Decree-Law 1/2017, of January 20, 2017, on urgent consumer protection measures regarding floor clauses (BOE of January 21, 2017). Information: Jan 23, 2017.- An

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